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Makes sense to me.

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Low-budget films. I love them, even when they turn out to be train wrecks. A little bit more about 47 Echo. What led you to creating Nick? All of these factors kind of combined in my head to create the perfect character to fit into the time and place of the book.

Who would you want to see in the role of Nick? Of course, saying that, I came across a comedian called Steve Byrne funny guy, definitely check him out , who could probably pull it off and do a stellar job with it. He can handle action well, and I dig the hell out of his visual style. Oh, man, there are tons.

Anything by Douglas Coupland.

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Scott Fitzgerald. As per usual, bunches of stuff. As many as they let me tell. I could pretty much go on forever with those guys — the war lasts longer than a decade, and my original plan was at least one book taking place in each year of the war. Keep at it. Keep going, keep putting words on the page — some of it might be crap.

A lot of it might be. But keep working, and honing your craft. The story you really want to tell is out there just waiting for you.

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Then, once you get there… keep going. Thanks for your time, Shawn. Thanks so much for having me! Um, as I walk out the door, I probably should shill for a second and mention that the second 47 Echo novel will be out in June , or thereabouts… so keep an eye out. I have a very minor quibble with the flow of the story; it can seem abrupt or choppy in a few spots.

Overall a good book, and I look forward to more from Shawn Kupfer. This book is not at all realistic. As other reviewers have said, it just does not make sense that someone with no real military training turns out to be a tactical and strategic genius. However, the book is just FUN! Action-packed and entertaining, with some humor thrown in. The reader does a good job of giving the major characters their own voice, which helps. All of that said, it isn't perfect.

There are a lot of characters to keep track of, and as I said above it isn't at all realistic. But it is worth the listen.

47 Pictures: Darlington's St Teresa's Hospice Halloween Run | The Northern Echo

I kinda like this story, at least the setting, near future, and the premise so far convicts' redemption as soldiers, marines, no less. But I find a couple things off-putting. One, which is odd, is all these soldiers addressing each other by their first names. I'm not familiar with Shawn Kupfer as an author, but I find it difficult to believe he's actually been in the military.

There a lot of references to specific weapons and weapons systems, but attempts to portray intimate comaraderie in combat fall flat. I just can't see a military team, in combat, saying things like "Okay, Todd, you take Mark, Benjamin, and Steve, and cover our left flank.

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Bill, Jeffrey, and Pete and I will provide cover fire with our M-4 assault rifles. This is my first book narrated by Victor Bevine. I hope it's his first too. I mean, I hope he get better as a narrator. He's okay, has potential, but not great. So, because this book has some interesting ideas, I'll give it 3 stars. If the story was any weaker, though, it'd be pushing it to give it a 2. It's mostly an action novel Originally I had it tagged sci-fi, but there is no science fiction here.

The tech is current-day stuff and the social setting is entirely feasible. It is a bit unbelievable in how the main character went from newbie convict to super-hero-soldier, but as long as you don't really think about it, it doesn't ruin the story. In other words: don't try to pick holes, or the entire thing will fall apart. As an action novel, it was fast paced and intense but not gory. The setting and situation were believable i. There was not much gun porn, so we aren't told the bullet types or firing speed of each gun, though most of the guns are named i. M5, Glock, etc. The narration was okay.

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