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She could see that her skills were far behind students her age who had attended world-class academies for years.

Watching her teachers demonstrate, the gap between her and them seemed stratospheric. To compound things, she had to face every disappointment and discomfort without her family. She missed them so much, and the foreign culture and language disoriented her. It was the perfect storm for someone accustomed to being the best and she seriously considered turning around.

Dancing in the Rain

I have no choice but to dance well. Not only did she perform with Shen Yun, she was given lead roles. It faced extinction at the hands of the Chinese communist regime but now belongs to the world again thanks to Shen Yun. She laughs when she talks about her first days working with them. If you wanted them to go to the left, they would go to the right; if you wanted them to go up, they would go down.

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The name of the sleeves refers to more than the silky movement of the fabric. Onstage, the large group of dancers throw their white sleeves up in unison for an effect like a crashing wave. Later, they lay them gently over one arm like freshly washed swaddling clothes. Water was revered by the Chinese ancients for its power, tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity.

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The ancients realized they could, like water, store up their inner strength and unlock it at will. In between her forays, she imagined the ladies of Southern China with their bright floral parasols, nimble gestures, and tinkling laughter. There is also a romantic element as in most YA books but this one was not the complete focus as Brenna is dealing with other things too - I liked that as well.


If you enjoy contemporary and don't mind the possibility of a few tears, this one is for you. Sep 27, Sherrie rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , family-drama , grief , realistic-fiction , relationships , young-adult-books. This book did a good job of tackling many heavy topics including open adoption, loss of a parent and grief.

Seventeen year old, Brenna, is still reeling from the loss of her mother to breast cancer a few months earlier.

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In addition her mother left her with the diary of her birth mother which Brenna has started to read after her mother's death. Learning she was adopted makes Brenna feel another sense of loss and struggling to make sense of her feelings. As she works to put her life back in order she meets a young man that works at the wildlife preserve where she works who helps who become emotionally strong by being more physically strong.

I enjoyed this book as well as the characters especially Ryan and Brenna and am hoping that we will hear more about them in a future book. Apr 22, Andy Starowicz rated it really liked it.

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A sad and romantic story for older middle school students. It is a story of death, grieving, and love. Brenna, the main character, loses her mother to cancer, and during the grieving process, finds the first love of her life. Brenna is faced with many obstacles in helping her family search for closure while at the same time she is searching for her real mother, who gave her up for adoption at birth.

While this story plot moves slowly at times, the novel is beautifully written with believable char A sad and romantic story for older middle school students. While this story plot moves slowly at times, the novel is beautifully written with believable characters, a wonderful mountainous Canadian setting, and a conflict woven with emotional highs and lows.

This is an excellent read for an eighth or ninth grade student. Jul 06, Kim Piddington rated it really liked it.

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The main character in this novel has a lot to juggle: her adoptive mother has just died, her sister is acting out, and she falls in love with the attractive Aussie who has to head home soon. On top of all that, she is considering whether or not to reconnect with her biological family. A page turner with a realistic and likable narrator.

Dec 27, Quinn Loves Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: recommended-books , reads , my-favorite-books.

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I really loved this book. I liked it even more than the last one and it took some interesting but brilliant turn that I was not expecting and it kept me on the edge of my seat! May 12, Mirha rated it really liked it. This was such an adorable story. I really enjoyed reading it! Dec 13, Valary rated it it was ok Shelves: realistic , serious-stuff , ya , friendship.

While I really appreciated the touches of Northern Exposure, I thought the story was very simple. Lots of emotions, drama, character interactions and not too much plot. View 1 comment. Reilly rated it liked it Jan 11, Vinsensa Bebe rated it liked it Oct 20, Yamile Shuman rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Sabina rated it really liked it Mar 21, Ruth rated it liked it May 05, Michelle rated it really liked it Feb 01, Denman rated it it was amazing Sep 28, Patricia rated it liked it Oct 08, Kate rated it it was ok Dec 31, Elizabeth De Marco rated it liked it Aug 04, Rima rated it liked it Jan 05, Diana rated it it was amazing Aug 26, Selin rated it really liked it Mar 01, Canadian rated it liked it Aug 28, Araceli Lozano rated it really liked it May 30, Rachel Seigel rated it liked it Jun 21, Rierie96 rated it really liked it Apr 25, Alyssa Caspe rated it liked it Apr 01, Anamika rated it it was amazing May 25, Mimi rated it really liked it Dec 23, Keerthana Thota rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Kim Schreader rated it liked it Dec 01, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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