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At Fujitsu Forum , Fujitsu will use case studies to introduce its initiatives and their results from working together toward innovation with customers and partners. From the perspective of developers and engineers, Fujitsu will showcase key technologies, such as artificial intelligence AI , the Internet of Things IoT , and security, as well as the cloud and other platforms underpinning them. Also in the event spotlight will be advanced technologies such as the Digital Annealer, a quantum physics-inspired computer developed with Fujitsu's proprietary architecture.

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Please see the official Fujitsu Forum website, which will be available starting April 11, to register for the forum in advance or to see details of the program. Overview of Fujitsu Forum 1. Times and Dates 8 am - 7 pm on Thursday, May 17, and Friday, May 18, Hours have been expanded to accommodate customers with a variety of working styles. Expected Visitors 18, entrance is free 5. Seminars: 1 Keynotes and Presentations 6 in total Fujitsu will present its top executives, who will introduce the company's vision and direction, as well as thought leaders in a variety of fields from Japan and overseas who will talk about future changes and the environment facing business and society.

The forum will welcome experts, thought leaders, and representatives of companies and organizations that are leading Japan in respective fields to speak about the latest trends and specific case studies. Puttingpeople andinnovation at thecentre, poweringbusiness and societywith information andusing technology tobring ever greatercontrol.

It unlocks thepower of insight. Itcreates new ways toengage. But it is theconvergence ofphysical and digitaloffers the greatestpotential. A Scenario of Disruptive ChangeThe shippingcontainer changedthe world bystreamlining thephysical supplychain. Could ICT -the Web and thecloud - berevolutionizingbusiness byenabling a new,digital supply chain? Advancing at the CoreInnovation in coretechnology is givingus new potential andnew choice; scalingup with highperformancecomputing, scalingout with on-demandcomputing.

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Insightand productivity areboth catered for. Natural Impact: Measure to ManageCost andproductivity arestrong motivators fortaking sustainabilityseriously. Butobjective measuresare the key for us tocompare differentproducts andsolutions, track ourprogress and informpolicy. Ourpersonal cloud is thedigital repositoryfrom which wemanage the differentfacets of ourlives, complimentingour physicalexperience.

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On the Road to True ProductivityWe need to thinkholistically about theworkplace, adoptinga combinedapproach to ourphysical and virtualworkspaces. Lessfocus on locationand process, greaterfocus on insight andnetworks of people. Science Fiction or Reality?

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The pace of changeis accelerating,technologies arefalling off the pagesof sci-fi into ourpresent day. Humanaugmentation,additivemanufacturing andcrowd predictionhave become reality. Easing the Burden of DiseaseICT is shiftinghealthcare from afocus on treatmentto a focus onwellbeing.

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    Fujitsu is also a world leader in supercomputers — offering a model that runs at four gigaflops, for those keeping track — and maintains lesser positions in such varied lines as workstations, automated-teller machines, and retail automation. Both of these ambitious programs, were paid for by rival government ministries. Since the watershed events of the s, Fujitsu has pushed ahead with an impressive array of projects in each of its three main marketing areas. Since Fujitsu also has become a leading manufacturer of supercomputers, with some 80 such units installed as of the end of the decade.

    In particular, the company has been unable to break into the U. The recent tendency in large computer systems has been toward greater distribution of processing power, aided by individually tailored software applications — two areas in which Fujitsu is notably weak. Fujitsu remains strong in telecommunications, however, where it continues its close relationship with NTT as well as with the newly emerging New Common Carriers.

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    In light of its origin in the telecommunication field, it is not surprising that Fujitsu has become a world leader in the development of Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN , the inevitable convergence of data processing and telecommunications. Fujitsu is also active in other improvements in telecommunications such as COINS corporate information network systems , PBXs private branch exchanges , and digital switching systems. Fujitsu maintains a strong presence in its third product area as well, electronic devices. In the firm was prevented by the United States government from acquiring Fairchild Camera, a leading U.

    Fujitsu and ICL — which had become a subsidiary of STC in — had collaborated on several projects, beginning in Fujitsu has become one of a select group of companies able to compete with IBM in the mainframe arena. Its great task will be to export its computers more successfully.

    It is one thing to sell Fujitsu mainframes to Sony, and quite another to place them overseas. IBM remains the undisputed mainframe leader around the world, but Fujitsu and the Japanese have demonstrated more than once their ability to surprise everyone but themselves. Information processing, which in the long run means IBM, remains the one manufacturing area in which Japan has not yet been able to dominate the field; if that should change anytime in the near future Fujitsu may be carrying the flag. Singapore ; Fujitsu Singapore Pte.

    Italy ; Fujitsu Microelectronics Ireland Ltd. Fujitsu operates within three main areas: computer systems — once predominantly mainframes, it now also includes client-server systems, personal computers, supercomputers, software, and peripherals — telecommunications systems, and semiconductors. Fujitsu first became interested in computers in the early s, when Western governments and large corporations began making extensive, use of them for time-consuming calculations. Our world is undergoing profound change as we race toward the 21st century.

    The technologies that support us are also advancing dramatically. They are the key words of the advanced information society, a society made possible by dreams and exciting technology. Fujitsu remains committed to capturing the future by offering optimal systems and high-quality services that will propel customers into the next century.

    In the s Fujitsu also became a leading manufacturer of supercomputers, with some 80 such units installed by the end of the decade. Fujitsu remained strong in telecommunications, however, where it continued its close relationship with NTT as well as with the newly emerging New Common Carriers. Sekizawa wanted Fujitsu to be more aggressive in its pursuit of foreign markets 80 percent of revenue in came from Japan , to become more market-driven, and to lessen the stifling bureaucracy that impeded product development.

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    The deals included: developing a next generation of less expensive mainframes with Siemens; establishing a joint venture with Advanced Mirco Devices, Inc. Clearly, Fujitsu was juggling a number of initiatives as well as dealing with weakening mainframe sales and a difficult, highly competitive semiconductor market. Italy ; Fujitsu Microelectronics Italia S. Singapore ; Fujitsu Thailand Co.

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