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If you have multple folks on the quest Comment by Thottbot my phial dont work cause its empty and i have 2 fill it at "Maraudons crystal orange pool" Any1 knows where this is? Comment by Thottbot For all you that are having problems using your phial be sure that: 1. Have all three gems 2. Have the phial 3. Have all three gems and the phial in your inventory. Here's a cookie! You have just completed the quest!

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Please note that the orange pool is in no way related to this quest. That is for a different quest in Maraudon later on. Comment by Thottbot alrite guys.. Comment by Allakhazam Just did it and the ambusher's are not elite but lvl Comment by Allakhazam i have pick up ruby,thopaz and sapphire Two Shadowforge Ambushers will show up level 43 non-elite , but if you leave right after opening the crate they will be out of aggro range.

Well, I can wait for the instance to reset, I suppose. Comment by Allakhazam You can get replacement viles form Tavlash. The topaz is in the area where you get the medallion to kill Ilyana. Comment by Allakhazam After you pick every gem up, use the bowl to communicate with the guy. Be careful and so it right away after you get the 3rd gem. The follow-up is to kill the big boss. Comment by Allakhazam I dropped the Phials thinking they were from a previous quest.

Is there any way to recover them or to get more? Comment by Allakhazam it should be "restoring the necklace" Restoring the Necklace.


Comment by Allakhazam Gnomeragon Exiles, 75 Faction at Comment by Allakhazam i confused i have the gems i have the screeing stuff Comment by Allakhazam is this IN the instance? Comment by Allakhazam u have to call Talvash again. Comment by Allakhazam The Topaz drops in an urn, Behind the wierd looking dorfs, the sapphire drops off the Trogg boss, who is in the North West corner of the zone.

The Ruby drops in a shadowforge area just south of the Trogg boss area, be careful when you open the chest a bunch of darkforge ambushers will get ya, roughly mid 40 elites. Find the Gems. Talvash's image comes into focus from the waters of the scrying bowl.

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Did you manage to find the gems? Are you truly the savior of my reputation I have hoped for? Please tell me you didn't waste a charge on the phial just to chat; those things are NOT cheap, and I'm already in dire financial straits. Yep, those indeed are the three gems. Good job! Unfortunately, your work isn't quite over just yet. This is about making magic jewelry - Talvash del Kissel quality-level jewelry!

Found Rare Gem While Digging at Diamond Hill Mine! (Unbelievable Find)

You need a strong power source to give it some oomph. Well, that necklace has no more oomph to give. Leveling: List of Classic Dungeon Quests. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Unsure how to post? Check out our handy guide!

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Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. These gems add or modify one or more new animations to the hero equipping the item. They are hero-specific. Inscribed Gem. These gems gives the item the ability to track in-game stats. Adding an Inscribed Gem changes the item's Quality to Inscribed. Spectator Gem. These gems allow the item to track the number of games viewed in a certain league, tournament, or played by a certain team. Ascendant Gem. These gems are memorial items that tracked victories or gifts given during the Beta. Adding them to an item will display this record in the item's description.

Autograph Rune. Autograph Runes contain digital signatures from professional players or community members. They are regarded as gems and can be placed into sockets. Adding them to an item will display the signature in the item's description. Foulfell Shard.

This gems tracks the number of Demons Imprisoned, and gives an item Corrupted quality. It was released for Frostivus Dreamer's Gem. Dormant Compendium Gem.

Once the dust has settled and the new champions have emerged, this gem will awaken alongside an emoticon to show off your support of The International and the competitors by displaying your Compendium level. It will increase in prestige as your Compendium does. Victory Prediction Gem. This gem tracks the number of consecutive victories predicted by using the Assured Victory Shout in-game. A missed prediction will cause the gem's counter to reset.

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High numbers of recorded consecutive victories will earn the player trophies in the Gallery of Triumphs. Unusual couriers will always have one Ethereal socket.

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  4. Unusual couriers will always have one Prismatic socket. Specific Arcana items will always have one Prismatic socket. Special Mention: Padda'pon of Ribbi'tar has one Prismatic socket. Use an Artificer's Chisel to create an empty socket. Use an Artificer's Hammer to remove a gem, leaving an empty general socket. Some items come pre-fitted with the gem types listed in a general socket. Artificer's Chisel. Artificer's Hammer. A powerful enchanted hammer used to extract gems that have been socketed into items.

    This hammer cannot be used on unusual couriers. Master Artificer's Hammer. A powerful enchanted hammer used to extract gems that have been socketed into unusual couriers or Arcanas which come with prismatic gems.