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I encountered zero books like this, so I wrote one myself. Each of the six nonfiction books below presents grief through a different lens, candidly sharing the thoughts, fears and grief behaviors that accompanied a particular loss. Seiden Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Through the survivor stories included in this book, we see the grief inherent to this type of loss. A cult classic in the loss community, this guide was written by a grief therapist who counseled thousands of people, and led support groups for the young and the widowed.

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Since the first edition of the book was written pre-social network age, the tips for finding other widowed people your age or dating are quaintly analog. Those chapters aside, the wisdom and advice in this book are timeless. By the time she was 25, cancer had claimed the lives of both her parents. Golden G. Publishing, The Soundtrack of Loss. Plus a Spotify playlist of the songs that have carried us through our darkest days.

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When a pet dies it can be hard to be mindful of a remaining pet's grief while simultaneously dealing with your own grief. Caring for your pet and helping him through his grief can also assist you and other family members with the healing process. I am so thankful I found your website!

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