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Now they were surging toward Paris.

In London, the appeasement-minded government of Neville Chamberlain collapsed, as the Nazi blitzkrieg routed Allied armies on the continent. Edith Graham Mayo had been named American Mother of the Year by the Golden Rule Foundation, and she was using radio — the most powerful form of mass communication at the time — to reach a national audience. Reflecting the importance of the occasion, she was introduced by Sara Delano Roosevelt, mother of President Franklin D. Amid the din of warmongers and defeatists, she spoke softly, turning attention away from herself and urging her listeners to reach out in humanitarian aid:.

If I know anything about the real heart of motherhood, I do not know of any way in which we could more appropriately honor our mothers than by doing for war orphans, widowed mothers and victims of military aggression in other lands, that which we would like to have done for our own if conditions were reversed … Let us all help in this great work. They would undergo stern trials in the years to come. The Mayos faced an important decision.

On one hand, to refuse to attend patients at Riverside Hospital cemented their alliance with the Catholic Saint Marys Hospital and made them a target of abuse by their fellow Protestants. On the other hand, to accept patients at Riverside divided their practice between the two hospitals and would have been disastrous for Saint Marys Hospital, because most of their patients would choose the non-Catholic hospital.

After deliberating, the Mayos refused to attend patients or operate in the Riverside Hospital.

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Moreover, the Mayos felt a strong moral obligation to the Sisters of Saint Francis who had just lately decided to put all of their eggs in the Mayo basket and were now adding to their investment. In the midst of these contentious times, the Mayos quietly focused on their practice. When critics attacked them and waited for a response, they chose to ignore the abuse and appeared unperturbed by it.

The Riverside Hospital had been in operation for more than two years when, in September , Dr Allen said he was leaving his practice in Rochester and moving to Saint Paul. The Riverside hospital closed. In , the Mayos performed operations. By , 5, operations were performed at Saint Marys Hospital, more than half of them intra-abdominal.

It was the Mayo brothers who recognized, because of the burgeoning practice, that they could not be skilled in all aspects of medicine. They began to bring on associates, some of whom were nonsurgical, and who could help with the medical management, care, and assessment of patients presurgically. By the turn of the century, the Mayo medical roster numbered eight doctors, including among them Henry Plummer and Edward Starr Judd. Pathologist Louis Wilson joined the staff in William McCarty, from Johns Hopkins, joined the staff and refined the diagnostic value of histology applied to surgical pathology Clapsattle, Scientific advances during the first decade of the twentieth century made major contributions to surgery.

Mayo president of the organization and Dr Charlie H. Mayo to the first Board of Regents. The American College of Surgeons chose Catholic hospitals to begin their reform programs for two reasons. First, half of US hospitals were Catholic institutions. Second, experience told them that hospitals supported by civic communities strongly resisted admitting flaws in the institution they built.

Mayo Foundation

By contrast, they perceived Catholic institutions as more homogeneous, less tied to local community control, and potentially more open to reform. As we viewed it, hospital standardization to succeed must be looked on as a spiritual as well as an educational movement. Father Charles B. In less than one year, Father Moulinier convened the first convention of the Catholic Hospital Association in She served as the first chairperson of the organization. The American College of Surgeons met in April That summer, during its convention, the Catholic Hospital Association officially resolved to support the program for reform.

Members agreed that a resolution be sent to Dr William J. Early in , the medical faculty of the University of Minnesota, which had been recently consolidated from several medical schools, began to make plans for instituting graduate work in clinical medicine. President George E. Vincent suggested, when approached by the Mayo brothers, that they might be able to form a corporate foundation to handle the education and research phases of their work in Rochester.

Dr Will Mayo immediately agreed. This was to be administered by individuals within the University of Minnesota, but this was met with resistance by local medical societies from Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

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This eventually went to the Minnesota legislature; and when the legislature convened in , opponents became vocal in their opposition to linking the University of Minnesota to Mayo Clinic Clapsattle, Dr Will Mayo was asked to appear for legislative hearings about the impending bill allowing association between the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic.

The speech given that day is one of the lost orations of the Mayo Clinic; however, small sections were recorded in local newspapers. With my brother and I, it came from our father. He taught us that any man who has physical strength, intellectual capacity, or unusual opportunity holds such endowments in trust to do with them for others in proportion to his gifts. What better could we do than help young men to become proficient in the profession so as to prevent needless deaths? That was in March America declared war against Germany on April 6, Articles making the affiliation permanent were signed September 17, Clapsattle, However, their next step was to ensure that the trust would contribute to the advancement of medicine and be held in perpetuity for advancement of medical education and research.

In October , the Mayo brothers transferred the ownership of all of the properties of the Mayo Clinic, from the buildings down to the last test tube, case record, and pathological specimens, along with all accumulated cash and securities. The administration of the Mayo Foundation was vested in a Board of Governors made up of the former partners, Mr Harry Harwick, and two members chosen from the staff. The supervision of the professional activities was entrusted to the Executive Committee of the five members appointed by the Board of Governors from a list of fifteen nominated by the staff Clapsattle, Before Saint Marys Hospital was exclusively a surgical hospital, because the surgical demand left no hospital rooms available for patients with exclusively medical problems.

A major expansion occurred in Within the year, renovations in the older part of the building provided facilities and patient beds for the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics. In honor of the expansion, Dr William Osler, who is considered the father of Internal Medicine, contacted his friends the Mayos. Now residing at Oxford University after spending many years at Johns Hopkins, he noted the change and hailed it with joy.

The American Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, the Mayo brothers, have made their Clinic today as important in medicine as it ever was in surgery. Wise men! The depression of the s, however, created a markedly different environment. Whereas the s had been bountiful, widespread prolonged unemployment made people reluctant to come to Saint Marys Hospital for treatment.

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Those who came often had no money to pay their bills. In , patients numbered 6,, less than half the number recorded three years earlier. Struggling to keep financially afloat, the congregation of the Sisters of Saint Francis looked to Saint Marys Hospital for its lifeline.

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Earlier, Sister Joseph had established a fund for building a larger chapel. The Chapel Fund offered a source of immediate revenue. Since eighty percent of the creditors were from Chicago, Sister Adele sought assistance from a large Chicago bank. The year was a difficult one for Mayo Clinic.

Mrs. Charlie: The Other Mayo

Her special interest was finding homes for adoptable children. Judith Hartzell is a free lance writer living in Greenville, South Carolina.

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