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Chakras Meditation-How to Overcome Money and Finance Problems by Balancing and Healing Root Chakra?

Or maybe you think about when people make money their one and only goal in life. This, of course, is wrong. The people doing it got it wrong.

Why Is the Love of Money “The Root of All Evil”? (1 Timothy 6:10)

They made money their king. They have become a slave to money. So it is just an expression of value. If you have a lot of money that means that you have created a lot of value, for other people. I know there are exceptions to this, for instance a bank robber. So money is just a neutral medium that follows along with how you use it.

It is your responsibility to make the best out of it. Treat money with respect and give it the time it deserves. This belief comes from not understanding that in order to create financial abundance you actually have to save money. If you spend all the money you earn, instead of saving and investing it, you will never create the financial abundance that you could have. Spending money on nice things has its place, you should enjoy your lifestyle. You have to make sure to get into the habit of saving and investing money.

This is really a big excuse. It is especially an disempowering belief because it gives away your responsibility to care for your money situation. And whenever you give up responsibility you also lose power and influence over your life. Study money. Start by reading a good book about money. The past does not equal the future. You are a complete independent and individual person. What other people did or did not has no power over you. You decide now! So take responsibility for your own life and learn to improve your financial life today. This plays into the scarcity mindset where you would think that there is not enough for everybody, including you.

This is opposed to the abundance mindset , which assumes that abundance could be created for everyone, including you. And it all starts with adopting the right mindset towards money. And one part of it is to look for the smart way to get wealthy. Not in a sense of looking for a quick fix or doing questionable things, but by understanding what leads to wealth. This means understanding how you can create real and lasting value for others and then offering it for a good price.

This is true wether you are a business-owner, self-employed or employed. This is not understanding balance. When you know where you can create real value for others, it just becomes one part of your life, as any other like health or happiness. It then will be just one part that goes well. Money is an representation of the value you have created for other people. If you use your money to help even more, reinvest it in your services or in the good services of others, then that is adding more value to other peoples life.

If you believe any of those or similar beliefs you have to change the way you think about money. Because these beliefs are shaping how you handle your financial life and how you tend to create a reality aligned with these beliefs.

Is The Bible The Ultimate Financial Guide?

You can find your beliefs all by yourself: Complete these two sentences to find your beliefs about money:. Maybe you want to adapt the sentences a little to fit your needs. Then try to come up with supporting beliefs about money as in the 10 examples above and overwrite the old limiting beliefs by affirmations.

For instance repeat your new found supporting belief while you are jogging, relaxing, in the morning or before you go to bed. Thanks for these.

Bible Verses About Money: 9 Practical Principles You Need to Know

This is often misquoted. This scripture actually taps into the heart of greed and its impact. Money itself is not evil. Do you know that France CFA currency controls and exploit one of the most rich country of the planet Africa?

What are Your Beliefs about Money?

Do you know that this system is based on scarcity? Less money there are more you can take people in slavery and in competition and division among each others. We throw away tons of food every day to keep the price higher or we throw away food because people simply can not pay. Do you know the most important scientific discoveries are covered up because are not commercially advantageous? Money is a psychological game, 6. Money is not root of evil, the human heart is responsible for what we create in this planet but Money is the perfect instrument to enslave and control people.

We made everything with Knowledge, resources, time and organisation. People do everything not money. Hello Myrko, You did a fantastic job here.. Your Inspirational topics which you sent am realizing rapid changes toward my life. I real want my Life to be financial free hope after doing the whole course. And i want to go as far as yours courses are concern. Great post thanks a lot ,I want to share a tip which is whenever I want enjoy my money I try to buy sth which has value for instance instead buying a hunderd fake I buy one gold jewelry or dimond or I am careful for my shopping for my home I buy sth that If I need money I can sell them and have my money even more than I had bought them before in my country the price of things go up after years such as carpet, gold ,car ,land, silver…..

It reminds me to much of RET; if you practice again and again in replacing your original thoughts you may finally succeed, after a long time. Better to use timeline, spinning, anchoring, circle of excellence that will give you fast and longtime results. Thanks Charles Ndisya , I plan to write something about increasing income by tapping into your full earning potential. But that would be something for when you already have a job or business. While you actively keep looking for the job, maybe you can look at other income streams. Many thanks to you Myrko for this wonderful post about finances.

I remember some time back I had asked you a question concerning the same. I take part in voluntary community based activities to expose my skills. Thanks for this addition SJ Scott. Yes I would say lacking money can create a lot of tension and can bring you to fighting for basic needs. This is usually just not a good supportive environment for the flowering of relationships. Now, of course, having money will not get you a stable and quality relationship. It is never a good thing to have your significant other be interested in you only for the dough.

On the other hand, the LACK of money has destroyed quite a few relationships. Being, at least, comfortable financially does help to keep a relationship going. Thanks for this detailed and insightful comment, Jackie Lynn. In fact all 3 statements represent limiting beliefs in themselves. They represent rules where we made wrong neuro-associations, i. Hello Myrko, The information you have provided is excellent.

I am so happy you sent me this information, even though I do not remember this as a problem I voiced to you, when you asked what you could help me with. It seems like incurring some debt is inevitable today, especially when it comes to purchasing costly items such as vehicles or a home. However, before you incur any debt of any size, spend time in prayer and evaluate the spiritual, economic, psychological, and personal ramifications of that decision.

If you stick to doing things on a cash-only basis, you may have to wait a little longer to purchase what you want, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run. Your savings should always be planned and regular. Determine what percentage of your income you can save each month, and then divide that amount into short-term and long-term savings. Use the short-term savings for things like family vacations and acquiring smaller items, such as electronic equipment or new appliances. Long-term savings should be set aside for a new vehicle or other items that require a significant amount of funds.

You should also set aside a contingency fund, usually three to six months of income, in the event that you temporarily lose your ability to earn income. While saving money is prudent and wise, there is a fine line between saving and hoarding. Investing your money wisely is crucial to getting the most return on your time and effort.

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Investing is just like any other financial decision. First, you should pray and ask God how much he wants you to invest and where he wants you to put it. Any financial planner will tell you that your portfolio should contain a mix of low, medium, and high-risk investments.

What God's Word Actually Says about Money and Wealth (and loving it)

How much is allocated to each area depends on your risk tolerance and your financial goals. Areas to invest include government bonds, GICs, real estate, mutual funds, and individual stocks. We strongly urge you to consult with a financial planner prior to making any major decisions in this area.

2. You Never Have Enough

The last thing you want to do after earning your money is to watch it all drain away through a poor investment strategy. As with saving, your giving should always be planned and regular. Choose your charities wisely; do your research and find out where your money will go. However, regular giving allows you to budget from month to month.

It also enables you to take full advantage of the tax credits available, thus increasing your margin. You can use this extra money for additional giving, to defray living expenses, or to reduce your debt. Ask God where he would like you to direct your giving, and revisit the amount you give each year. What hit home for you in this article? What's the next step you feel God is asking you to take? One of our online mentors would love to hear about it and journey with you.